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Ideas for what to do next thin on the ground, wondering what you are getting into? There are hundreds of year round jobs on holiday parks, glamping sites and campsites in the UK and even for a summer in Europe, suitable for just about anyone with the right attitude. It’s just a matter of finding the right employer for you. This new section of Caravan Jobfinder is dedicated to providing you with an insight into the world of working in outdoor tourism. Recruiters can tag their jobs with up to three of the following categories. We are working on expending this section to reveal more about each job role.

Area Management<

Area Management

Area managers control the sites in a geographical area. This is usually a mid management level job requiring site manager experience.

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Larger sites have facilities such as bars for which they recruit dedicated staff, smaller sites combine this role with other functions.

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Larger sites have restaurants and food outlets, they are normally looking for servers, chefs and support staff

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Sites generally either offer a cleaning service or take a cleaning deposit then check the cleanliness of units on departure. Either way staff are needed for this...

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A campsite courier is a term used to refer to a rep working on a European site, usually for a tour operator

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Entertainment is an important part of large resort site services. Dancers, singers, magicians, kids entertainers and many more are recruited each year

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Head Office<

Head Office

Holiday park operators head office vacancies are often filled from within but they occasionally pop up on Caravan Jobfinder. Staff with industry knowledge make great head office...

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There is a crossover with cleaning here but these jobs are normally in resort style parks with rented accommodation

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Sometimes a specialist job where a trade is required, sometimes general maintenance as part of a wardens job

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Recruiters are often looking for experienced staff to manage sites, sales operations and groups of parks and campsites

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Lots of the Caravans and static caravans are made here in the UK and sometimes the manufacturers advertise factory or sales jobs here

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Sports and lifeguards<

Sports and lifeguards

Lots of parks need pool and open water lifeguards, sports instructors and support staff during the season

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Jobs involving greeting customers and making sure their stay goes smoothly

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Bigger sites have shops manned by specialist staff, wardens are often expected to run one as part of their general duties

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Sales and Caravan Sales<

Sales and Caravan Sales

Jobs selling tourers, campers and sited and un-sited static caravans to the public and to parks

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Larger operations will have teams doing a particular task, supervisors are experienced personnel working as part and in charge of these teams

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One of the most popular jobs we carry, wardens usually live on site and perform a very wide range of site tasks

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Jobs working in the stores and warehouses that support the bigger multi site operators

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